Emotional Wellness Assessment

What's the state of your emotional health?

Take this assessment to find out.


The following statements apply to how you feel and think about yourself. Read each statement carefully and pick the option that you identify with the most.

1. I am able to develop and maintain close relationships.

2. I accept the responsibility for my actions.

3. I see challenges and change as opportunities for growth.

4. I am able to let go of things that do not matter.

5. I feel I have considerable control over my life.

6. I am able to laugh at life and myself.

7. I feel good about myself.

8. I am able to appropriately cope with stress and tension and make time for leisure pursuits.

9. I am able to recognize my personal shortcomings and learn from my mistakes.

10. I am able to recognize and express my feelings.

11. I have good thoughts about my life.

12. I am able to let go of disappointments and hurts without being consumed by them.

13. I enjoy life and being alive.

14. I am at peace with myself.

15. I am optimistic about the future.

16. I feel useful.

17. I feel relaxed.

18. I am interested in other people.

19. I have energy to spare.

20. I deal with problems well.

21. I do not feel inadequate and insecure about myself.

22. I am “calm, cool, and collected.”

23. I am able to think clearly.

24. I feel very confident about my abilities.

25. I feel able to overcome any difficulties I face.

26. I am able to perform my duties in spite of any challenges in other areas of my life.

27. I am content with my life.

28. I am able to make up my own mind about things.

29. I feel loved.

30. I am interested in new things.

31. I feel cheerful and happy about my life.

32. I feel satisfied with who I am and where I am in my life.

33. I do not allow regrets and disappointments cloud my “today”.

34. I feel a strong sense of connection with others and do not feel isolated.

35. I feel confident that I will succeed in my personal endeavors.

36. I tend to think rationally and optimistically.

37. I do not hold onto grudges and can forgive others for not living up to my expectations.

38. I feel a great sense of control over my emotions, thoughts and feelings.

39. I have a healthy sense of humor and can laugh at life’s imperfections.

40. I feel more gratitude on how my life is now rather than focus on what’s lacking.

Your score is