Making Relationships Work

Everyone knows that relationships are a lot of work. Two people from totally different backgrounds coming together to build something together is bound to create some conflict, but having a successful relationship is worth it in the end. So if you’re dating, engaged, married or even still single, pay attention to these tips, they may just be the key to the success of your love story.

  • Commitment: Relationships demand a lot of commitment from those involved. And commitment really means, “I’m willing to stick it out with you through thick and thin.” Bailing out at the first sign of discomfort is really not the answer, you have to be willing to give your partner your all. That means you have to ditch the side chics and the option B guys if you want to give your love a chance. By the way, commitment doesn’t mean you stick around in an abusive relationship. If your partner is being abusive in any way, please get out.
  • Respect: Make sure you never lose respect for your partner. Are there times when he or she will say something ridiculous? Definitely. But you must be able to still respect him/her as an individual. Don’t talk trash about them to other people. Allow them to have different opinions and perspectives from you. But remember that respect for others is built on the foundation of self-respect, so learn to respect yourself too.
  • Communication: Learn to talk about everything openly, even the bad stuff. That means no shaming them for their opinions or being defensive or magnifying their faults. If something is bothering your partner, they should be free to come talk to you. Avoid keeping secrets too, so that means both of you have to decide to throw away your judgmental attitudes and be vulnerable with each other.
  • Resolve differences: You’re going to fight and argue about stuff, that’s a given, but learn to resolve conflicts amicably. Avoid the malice keeping, that’s so primary school. Rebuffing their attempts to speak to you because you are upset might just backfire on you. Avoid criticizing their character when it’s their actions you take offense too. Take responsibility for your mistakes and don’t pass the blame to them. Name calling and insults are a no no too. All in all, learn to apologize sincerely, it costs you nothing. To learn more about resolving differences, read my article here.

It may look like a lot of work but apply this principles mutually and watch your relationships blossom.

I hope this helps you.

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