Getting Through Covid-19 Induced Loneliness

When we said “Happy New Year” to each other at the beginning of the year, I’m sure no one had any inclination that 2020 was going to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride. The Covid-19 pandemic has got just about everyone staying at home, and some cities like mine have even declared a mandatory shutdown.

An unanticipated effect of this are the heightened feelings of loneliness that many people are experiencing as a result of being unable to connect with their family and loved ones for God knows how long. (Long distance relationship people and introverted introverts are probably looking at everyone and wondering why they are acting worked up.) Yes, we know you guys are used to stuff like this but many of us are not, so let us be.

Anyways, if you are currently dealing with loneliness, I hope some of this stuff I just wrote will be helpful for you.


  1. Look for Ways to Connect Virtually

Hey, I know you’re physically far away from your friends and loved ones, but that doesn’t have to put you on hold. How about you look for opportunities to connect virtually? There are a thousand and one apps out there that you and your friends can jump on and communicate with each other. Tired of using WhatsApp? Then switch to Twitter and talk to each other in your private code – that might be fun.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out to New People

If you are stuck at home, then you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done before, and one example is reaching out to new people. Sure, you never bothered to make friends with the folks around you because you always had your own gang. But now that your gang is not with you, maybe it’s time you get to know the people around you. Let me add that new people are not limited to people you can meet physically, sometimes you meet them online. Did you just stumble across someone who tweets like you? Go talk to them. Who knows f you might end up starting a friendship that would last for years.

  1. Find Shared Activities to Do for Fun

Yes, going to the movies and partying are out of the question for now. But you can create new activities that you can do for fun now. Trivia games, tiktok challenges – the list is endless. This is the time to embrace the new order of things. Start brainstorming on stuff that you can do with the people you love wherever they are around the world. Ask your introverted friends, they might tell you how they catch their fun without having to leave their homes.

  1. Pick Up a Hobby You Can Do by Yourself

Let me honest with you, there’s no guarantee any of the ideas I have listed above will work for you. Sometimes, context makes some things impracticable. If the context of your lockdown environment makes it almost impossible to do things with other people, then perhaps you should try picking up an activity or hobby you can do all by yourself. A friend of mine is going to start yoga by herself for herself this period. Yoga might not work for you, but find something that does. Google activities to do by yourself and see what options you vibe with.

I’ll close this by saying that even though a lockdown isn’t the most pleasant of times for everyone, kit doesn’t have to be worst of times either. When life gives you pepper, don’t sulk. Try making Yoruba stew instead! And while you are here, can you spend 30 seconds praying for our health workers and people ill with this corona virus? I am sure it will go a long way.

I hope this helps you.

Live Well.

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