Other Services

Corporate Training

I facilitate corporate training workshops and seminars to help organizations improve mental and emotional health among their staff, build resilient teams, and promote a wellness culture that fosters psychological safety in the workplace.


I host physical masterclasses in different cities on a wide range of topics ranging from emotional wellness to parenting. Typically, masterclasses hold about 6 times a year and are targeted towards specific audiences. Some of my Masterclasses include Emotional Wellness MasterclassEmotional Wellness Masterclass for TeenagersResponsible Parenting: Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids etc.

Online Courses

Online courses are available on my website for individuals who may not be able to attend a physical masterclass because of time or location constraints. The courses are self-paced and feature the same content as any of my paid masterclasses.

Family Coaching

With family coaching, I help families resolve conflicts that have affected the emotional health of members. I also provide personalized coaching services to help each person deal with the after-effects of the prevailing family dysfunction.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is available for small teams in organizations over a period of time. They provide an opportunity for team leads to create an atmosphere of support and growth where members of their teams can thrive in the workspace.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to help organizational executives learn how to function better and avoid being overwhelmed by the rising challenges that come with growing a company. Essentially, I help management-level staff improve their productivity by operating in an atmosphere of wellness. Coaching is tailored to their exact schedule and clients can expect to master new skills that will help them remain emotionally healthy as they scale up operations.

Public Speaking

If you need a speaker who can deliver engaging presentations for your audience along with the themes of emotional wellness, then you should talk to me. I am available to speak along my lines of expertise and share my thoughts on how people can live emotionally healthy lives.

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