This year, if there is one habit I think you should develop, it is learning how to say NO to things that don’t help your emotional health. Here are 4 things you should say no to this year.

  1. People who weigh you down emotionally.

What would you do if someone around you was bad for your physical health? You would probably stay away from them, right? How come we don’t act the same way towards people who drain us emotionally? Such people are quite easy to spot. They constantly put you down with their words, trivialize your feelings and make you feel less than you really are. Let this be the year you start actively protecting your mental space. Say no to allowing such people into your circles.

  1. Your self-limiting thought patterns.

It’s very easy to recognize your self-limiting beliefs once you pay attention to them. It’s the mindset that tells you that you are not worthy enough or deserving of relationships and opportunities, and causes you to settle for less than you warrant. When you catch yourself in these negative thought patterns, remind yourself that there is no reason why you shouldn’t expect the best in life. Despite your mistakes and perceived imperfections, you still deserve good things in life.

  1. Allowing external things determine your self-worth.

Your self-worth is the sense of value you attach to yourself as a person. It’s about valuing yourself based on your internal strengths and qualities as a person, rather than external things that you may or may not have, such as houses, cars, money, or social media fame. You must realize that no material thing on the outside is a good enough measure of who you are as a person, and so you must never base your worth on them.

  1. Your fear of setting boundaries.

Boundaries are the rules you set for yourself. They determine what kind of behaviors you accept from other people, as well as how much time and space you need from others. Often times, we are afraid to set boundaries in our space because we are afraid of offending people or imagining they won’t like us. I think that anyone who won’t like you because of your boundaries doesn’t even deserve to be in your space.

I hope this helps you.

Live Well.

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